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Hi, I’m Liz Babalola.

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HIRE ME as a freelance Learning Experience Designer and/or Digital Content Developer when the subject matters.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

– Chinese Proverb

There’s no better mistaking than…

Creating safe exploratory environments where Learners can apply their knowledge in realistic scenarios, problem-solve, learn from mistakes, and make meaningful discoveries.

Involving leads to evolving.


For perspective, relatability, or a different point of view. Stories are thought-provoking, emotionally engaging vehicles for greater insight.

Interactive Video

For greater impact, action, involvement, or creating a sense of urgency. Interactive videos offer dramatic storytelling, in short bursts.

Branching Activities

For reinforcing appropriate actions. Branching activities personalize the experience, demonstrating that outcomes are dependent on choices.


For making meaningful discoveries through problem solving. Gamification offers realistic experiences without real-world consequences.

Learning Experience Designers (LXD’s) align learning objectives with strategy. We’re “content curators”. We gather, organize, and present information. Marrying design with Learner experience. Boiling down the complex into simple, salient points. So it’s easy to read, understand, and retain. Bringing it to life. With interest. So it engages. When it needs be clear, we ensure it is. When it needs to compel, we ensure it does.

When it needs to stick.

I’ll bring the glue.