The Design Process

Learning design typically follows a widely accepted model called “ADDIE”. The result is a winning solution with clear expectations, deliverables, and timelines. The steps are easily applied to website and writing projects.

What is ADDIE?

Five sequential phases from qualifying the need, identifying solutions, completing production, online delivery, and measuring impact.

1. Analysis

Identifying gaps between current and desired state and whether learning/content is the best solution.

2. Design

Outlining the solution in a detailed design document or wireframe for clarity and stakeholder approval.

3. Development

Building online courses with authoring tools (Articulate or Captivate) and/or websites with WordPress.

4. Implementation

Publishing and testing the finished solution on a Learning Management System (LMS) or website.

5. Evaluation

Reviewing feedback, measuring the extent that objectives have been met, and debriefing results.

When can we do this? How long will it take?

Each project is different, depending on needs. Generally, timeframes depend on the level of interactivity, scaled from from 1 to 4:

Static slides, including text and images only. Learner interaction is passive and limited to click-to-reveal, accordions, or tabbed presentation styles. No audio or video is included.

Expanding from Level 1 to include moderate graphics, basic branching activities, and audio. Learners may be asked to apply their knowledge by solving simple problems.

Possibility of richer media assets, including videos, animation, stories, and scenarios with more complex branching activities. Learners have more navigational control and may be engaged with problem-solving and decision-making, e.g. role-playing.

Advanced simulations, complex branching scenarios, gaming, virtual environments, or AR/VR elements may be included. Learners have more independence. There may be more realistic decision-making and related consequences or feedback loops.

With some context, I can estimate project timelines and cost.

Trust the process.

Enjoy the journey.