Tutor LMS Features

Tutor LMS Features
1. Multiple Courses 2. Self-study Options 3. Define Learning Paths 4. Content Gating 5. Interactivity 6. Assign Homework 7. Instructor Management 8. Memberships 9. Blended Learning 10. Learner Communication 11. Completion Certificates 12. Reporting

1. Multiple Courses

Create unlimited online courses and lessons in any subject with potential to publish in multiple languages. Market and sell courses to a worldwide market in select currencies with an online storefront.

2. Self-study Options

Learners can download supplementary content in PDF format.

3. Define Learning Paths

Define learning paths, grouping courses into specific curricula, audiences, and levels.

4. Content Gating

Assign prerequisites, "dripping" or releasing subsequent content as completion criteria is met or on specific milestones/dates.

5. Interactivity

Engage learners with interactive multimedia assets including video.

6. Assign Homework

Add assignments for Learners to complete outside of the course and submit for grading.

7. Instructor Management

Hire instructors, allowing them to create and add their own courses. You can apply commission structures if appropriate.

8. Memberships

Integrate membership plugins and/or group Learners into tiers, e.g., to unlock premium content or discounts.

9. Blended Learning

Lead Zoom workshops (depending on LMS) at advertised days/times directly within courses.

10. Learner Communication

Enable private or public course feedback. Optionally, publish FAQ's within each course or lesson.

11. Completion Certificates

Create custom branded certificates, enabling Learners to download them on completion.

12. Reporting

Access reporting on revenue, programs, courses, instructors, or Learners.